#1 Hot Air Balloon Ride in the Caribbean

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 The Challenge

Our focus in this project, was to make an emotional connection with the user. Luis’s passions and joy rings through every client interaction, and we wanted that to be echoed across every interaction with the website as well.

Our strategy was multi-faceted, starting with a redesign of the website and booking system.

This enhanced, automated, and increased the security to book rides with Dominican Balloons. We then promoted the exhilaration, experience, and thrill of a hot air balloon ride across social media and search engines.

 The Process

We truly invest ourselves in our clients, so we had the pleasure of taking a flight across Punta Cana.  This gave us the first hand knowledge, and of course beautiful pictures, to communicate this incredible experience!

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Integrated Marketing

Dominican Balloons invested in us in late 2016 to set a new direction for its digital marketing, and we delivered—increasing organic traffic 300% percent in the first year alone.

Going forward, we’re working to make Dominican Balloons even more dominant with seasonal campaigns, video, personalized content, A/B testing of adword and page copy, and more.

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